5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals in Auckland

When you’re looking to travel around Auckland, you will find that a rental car is a great way to get to know the City of Sails. With the right rental car agency, you will find that Auckland is a wonderful place to visit by car.

Here are five smart ways that you can save money during your trip in Auckland on your car rental so you can spend it on the things you truly want while you’re here.

1. Shop around for discounts online.

A few weeks before you’re set to go on vacation or on your business trip to Auckland, you should consider looking into the various sites you can find to locate some great discounts on car hires for the duration of your trip. Using these sites can help you save some serious money as you consider the different agencies and what they offer for special rates during your time in Auckland.
As you search through the different rates, you’ll want to make notes of the different agencies because you’ll want to use this information for future negotiations with one agency over another. This will not only save you money, but could get some greater perks for your car rental.

2. Know the right size of rental car you need.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, you’ll want to know how many people will be in your rental car for the duration of your trip as well as how many bags and other accessories for each person. Knowing this information will help in determining the size of vehicle you’ll need while you’re in Auckland. With this information in hand, you can begin your search for the right vehicle to use as you consider one that’s made for one or two people or one that can hold up to five or seven.
The size you choose will also determine the price you’ll be paying for that car rental as the smaller cars are considerably cheaper than the larger ones. There is also the age requirement that many companies have for the bigger cars compared to the smaller ones. You want to find a car that fits your needs rather than trying to go smaller or upgrading to a larger one when you don’t need it.

3. Seek out the most fuel-efficient vehicle.

This is another key aspect for saving money on your car rental within Auckland because having one that gets the best gas mileage will help save you money during your trip. There’s nothing worse than seeing your money leave your pocket on fuel for a vehicle that you’ve rented when you’d rather spend it on a souvenir or an experience while you’re travelling.
As soon as you have determined the right vehicle size you’ll need for your trip, you should compare the vehicles that are typically found within that class and determine the best one for fuel efficiency. While the savings may not be as dramatic for the larger vehicles compared to the smaller ones, you can still find savings in the type of engine found within them and other aspects that the manufacturer has implemented to make their vehicles less costly when it comes to fuel.

Get different quotes from multiple agencies.

Once you’ve found the right vehicle for you from size and efficiency along with the various deals you’ve found online, it’s time to start calling up different agencies within Auckland and finding one that can match the deal you’ve found or provide you with one that’s better. This is where your power of negotiation is strongest and most needed. You’ll want to gain quotes from each of the agencies and see which one is most willing to work with you to get you the best rate possible to maximize your savings on your car hire.
Don’t be afraid to ask because you’ll never know which company will work with you or not unless you do. 

5. Prepay your car rental.

As soon as you completed the other steps and have found the right agency and vehicle for you, you may find that the agency will cut the price down even more should you go ahead and prepay for your car rental. This will save you money as your car will be ready and waiting for you long before you get there. It will also save you the hassle of searching once you get there as well as the hassle of settling for something other than what you wanted or needed. So, when you’ve found the best vehicle for you, don’t delay or risk waiting until you get to Auckland to purchase your rental.
With each of these tips, you’ll find that there are several ways to save money while you’re enjoying your time in Auckland. It’s just a matter of knowing your way around the rental car industry, doing some research, and knowing what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you need clarification and never hesitate to ask for a better deal. You never know you just may get it and more when you do. So, as you prepare for your trip to Auckland, remember these money saving tips and enjoy your trip within your new rental car.

Bargain Rental Cars is proud in offering the best deals in Auckland. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 566 701 or auckland@bargainrentals.co.nz. You also can get a free/non obligation quote on our website and also book your car online.

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