5 Things to do in Queenstown

1 - Enjoy the Lake-Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown's lake, Wakatipu is an unusual shaped lake- rather like a 'Z'. It is New Zealand's third-largest lake, is 84 km long, and the naturally offers all types of activities. Very cold, even in the summer, you may prefer to stay on top of the water with kayaks and boards for hire locally. The highlight of the Lake Wakatipu experience is a cruise of the old steamboat TSS Earnslaw- the "Lady of the Lake'. All the elegance of yesteryear with the warmth of the coal fires and the mighty thrust of her engines, an amazing memory! The Thunder Jet offers value for money with trips over the lake and up two exciting rivers, and riding in a jetboat at speed is a climax of any holiday.

  • Kayak hire - from $20 hour/ $80 day
  • Wakeboards - from $50 day
  • Earnslaw - from $65
  • Thunder Jet – from $65

2 - Enjoy the Mountains- The Remarkables & Skippers Canyon.

Queenstown is surrounded by mountains, the most beautiful being the Remarkables. Covered with snow or just snow-capped, depending upon the time of the year. Go and play in the snow: there are options for all budgets. Many a day's fun has been had sliding down the slopes of snow, with just a plastic bag or old cardboard box to protect you from the cold. Do watch out for rocks, though! Other snow and ice related activities come in a range of prices from Ice Skating to Heli-Hikes.

Skippers Canyon is another form of challenge presented by the mountain terrain. A narrow, historic gravel road into the mining areas of the past. Today Skippers is known as a Tolkien Gateway from the 'Lord of The Rings' movies. Warning: no rentals cars allowed on this road, and confident drivers only.

  • Ice Skating - from $7.50
  • Ski Hire - from $21
  • Snowboarding - from $99
  • Ski Packages - from $127
  • Heli-hike - from $119

3 - Enjoy the activities-The Bungy Jumping

The modern sport of Bungy Jumping started near Queenstown at the Kawarau Suspension Bridge when AJ Hackett began his first commercial jumps in 1988. The thrill of Bungy Jumping is not for everyone, but it is an entertaining event to watch from the sidelines. Suspended by an elastic cord, the thrill seekers jump from the bridge, 43 m above the raging Kawarau River. The Bridge itself is a dramatic sight, with the views of the River below impressive at many viewpoints along the road.

Queenstown has taken adrenaline junkies to her heart and now offers more excitement. The world's highest swing is here in Queenstown, as is the highest flying-fox in the southern hemisphere.

Taking an adventure back down to water level, the Shotover Jet is a thrilling ride for people who prefer to keep themselves out of the skies.
  • Watching the Bungee Jumpers, or viewing the river from the road - free
  • Kawarau Zip Ride - from $40
  • Nevis Swing - from $50
  • Bungy Jumping - from $155

4 - Enjoy the history-Arrowtown, & Cromwell

In easy travelling distance from Queenstown are some delightful towns with bucket-loads of history. In the era of the Goldrush, the 1860s, the Arrow River was found to be a treasure trove. Arrowtown grew on its banks and is preserved today. The village of the Chinese miners is still there, and the streets of Arrowtown look very similar to how they did so many years ago. The Lakes District Museum is situated in the old Bank and is informative about the gold rush times.

Cromwell was also a gold town from the 1860 era, and the display at 'Old Cromwell Town' relives these times. Cromwell also came to fame when, in the 1980s, the location of the town was moved to allow the flooding of its original location by the construction of the Clyde Dam and the new Lake Dunstan. Modern Cromwell is a fruit town, so well worth a visit to get some tasty and healthy treats.

  • Lakes District Museum - Adults $10, child $3
  • Old Cromwell Town - free
  • Fruit - various prices  

5 - Enjoy the fresh air-Cycling the Queenstown Trail

Queenstown is making a name for itself as a cycling destination with a huge variety of trails to ride and to enjoy the scenery and fresh mountain air. Bikes are available for hire, even electric mountain bikes are available. Find your way around Wakatipu or the nearby Lake Hayes, follow the Kawarau River or take the Queenstown Trail through to Arrowtown.

  • Bike hire - from $55 adult, $35 child per day
  • Electric Bike - from $120 per day

6 - BONUS: Enjoy the discounts

Check out the discount websites for great deals in Queenstown. Today, discounts include Heli-tours, a scenic flight over Queenstown for $150, a 49% discount, and a Shotover Jet ride for $1- 99% off!

Please note: Prices listed here are for reference only and it might change without notice. We recommend you call or visit the website of the attraction for current pricing

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