6 Great Tips to Save on Car Rentals in Wellington

Wellington is such a beautiful city and it’s one that deserves to be perused and seen through the comfort of a great car rental.

When it comes to the right rental car for you, there are several ways that you can save yourself quite a bit of money if you take some time before you reach Wellington and do your research about your options. Knowing the right information about the right vehicle and rates will help you find the right car hire for you during your stay in Wellington.

Here are six great tips to save on your car rental while you’re in Wellington.

1. Shop away from the airport

One of the biggest expenses you will find when searching for a car rental agency is one that’s attached to an airport. The reason behind this is they have travelers at their mercy, especially those that haven’t researched their options prior to arriving in town. When your vacation or trip is a few weeks out, this is the time to find the right vehicle you need and want during your stay in Wellington.
Look around at the various agencies and find one that has the best rate for you. While some areas don’t offer many options when it comes to car rentals, others have plenty of options for you, which is the case for Wellington. Take some time and learn what your options are when it comes to rental agencies to save yourself money on your car rental that doesn’t come from what’s available at the airport

2. Extend your rental car reservation date

When you have your car in hand and you’re considering the amount of time you’ll be in Wellington, you’ll want to make sure that you rent the car for the time you need plus some. Consider tacking on another day or two to your reservation so you don’t have to worry about the extra cost to you should you find yourself in Wellington slightly longer than you originally anticipated. The extra time will be subtracted from your reservation rate, saving you that money, which is far better than facing an added fee for returning your car rental later than you’d agreed upon in the beginning.

Read the fine print within the contract

It’s tempting just to sign the paperwork for your rental car, especially after you’ve been travelling for hours and you just want to get to the hotel. You should take the time to read the rental contract before you sign it because you just never know what types of hidden fees you could be facing should something happen to the car while in your hands. This could easily cost you tons of extra money you didn’t anticipate.
By knowing what’s in the contract, you can decide whether this car hire is the right one for you and what you can expect from the agency while you have a contract with them. When you’ve read the agreement, you also have the power to negotiate wherever possible to avoid some of the fees. 

4. Know what type of vehicle you need.

This is one of the biggest tips that you should take away. When you are looking for a rental car for your trip to Wellington or anywhere else, you should always consider the size you need rather than the size you want, especially when it’s a bigger vehicle involved. You should consider the number of people travelling with you as well as the amount of luggage you’ll be hauling. A small compact car is perfect for a getaway for one or two people while a larger people mover or a minivan is more suitable for those travelling with a larger group of people.
By renting what you need compared with what you want, you can save yourself quite a bit of money on the rental car as well as on the fuel and other costs associated with that rental.

5. Consider insurance for your car rental.

While there is much back and forth on whether you should have insurance on your rental vehicle, you should consider purchasing this, especially if your own auto insurance doesn’t cover your rental due to one reason or another. By having this added insurance, you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars should anything happen to your car hire while it’s in your possession. This add-on fee is one that you can turn down, but it can also leave you vulnerable should anything happen beyond your control.
This is one tip that is ultimately up to you, but one you should consider when hiring a car during your time in Wellington or anywhere else in the world.

6. Reserve and prepay your car hire
As you’ve done your research and have found the right rental car for you at the best price, you are now ready to make your reservation for that car so that it’ll be ready and waiting for you when you get to Wellington. To potentially save some extra cash, you should also consider prepaying for your reservation since some companies will offer you special deals for making the reservation in advance. It’s worth for those that are counting down their days until they get to Wellington to enjoy the sights and sounds and want just one less thing to worry about when they get there.

With each of these six great tips, you have plenty of ways you can save money on your car rental in Wellington. When you take the time to explore your options for the right agency and car, you can potentially save yourself tons of money that you can use elsewhere during your trip, such as a nice dinner one night or an extra souvenir or two. By saving money on your rental car, you can make the most of your trip to Wellington and may find yourself coming back time and time again to explore more and more while enjoying the right rental car each and every time.

Bargain Rental Cars is proud in offering the best deals on car rental in Wellington If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 566 701 or auckland@bargainrentals.co.nz. You also can get a free/non obligation quote on our website and also book your car online.
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