Enjoy Winter And Save On Car Hire

Are you planning on hitting the road this winter and you want to know how you can make the best out of it to save on car hire? You are definitely at the right place and at right time. Normally, car rental prices in places like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington get lower in early May through the end of September due to a lower demand of transportation in New Zealand during the winter months - That is great news for people planning a road trip.

Here, you will find some important tips that can help you have a memorable time while saving some money on car hire.

1. Look Beyond Popular Car Rental Brands 

Getting the right car lender is not just about popular brand names, but also the ones that can satisfy your needs and match your budget without hassles. You are expected to look beyond brand name that are popular, because they normally charge higher price more than those brands that are trying to gain grounds. If you’re able to conduct your research well on this, then you won’t have any problem at a start.

2. Consider Your Financial Capacity

It’s important to know that going for winter vacation can present a number of benefits and experiences, but you can’t enjoy what you want to enjoy if you have not plan for that. It is always good to know your financial capabilities and plan your trip according to what you can afford. One thing to keep in mind is that, no matter how your budget might be, be rest assured that you can have a memorable wintertime experience with the best planned budget. Therefore, always make a car rental budget according to what you can afford.

3. Avoid The Airport To Save On Car Hire

Is understood that car rental activities around airport locations are literally higher in price than those on the off-airport locations. If you are travelling to New Zealand and you want to save money on a car hire for your trip, you should do yourself good to avoid renting near the airport locations so that you won’t end up having a budget overrun.

4. Book Early

Booking early plays an important role in renting a good car for your road trip. If you don’t book early, chances are when the time you want to take a trip comes, competition might likely be more than you can imagine and car rental price will definitely rise.

5. Negotiate

Negotiate for the best possible rate if you can. Don’t be shy or be negligence when it comes to negotiating for a car hire, because you may end up regretting your decision thereafter. You should be smart enough and negotiate very well, so that you will have everything go smoothly according to plan.  


Bargain Rental Cars is proud in offering the best deals and the best customer service in Christchurch. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 566 701 or auckland@bargainrentals.co.nz. You also can get a free/non obligation quote on our website and also book your car online.

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