New Zealand Car Hire: An essential guide to saving you money

Whether you’re travelling to New Zealand or any other country, transportation around the place you’re visiting will at one point become an issue if you haven’t planned for it prior to your visit. So, where do you start? Should you hire a taxi or take the bus? Well, those are options, yes, but they aren’t necessarily practical since you’ll have to depend on someone else to get you around the area. What happens if you have to be somewhere at a certain time and the taxi or bus is running late due to traffic or some other hold-up? What can you do then? No, when it comes to travelling around New Zealand or any other place, the most practical thing to do is hire a car.

So, you’ve decided to hire a car, but where do you start? How do you know if that car hire is the best one out of all the others? What should you do to save yourself some money while you’re in New Zealand? Are there cheap car rental companies? Yes, there are plenty of companies from which to choose, but you should be aware of your options as well as areas where you can save some serious money while renting a car.

When it comes to finding cheap car hire companies with prices you can easily afford, you should do some research before accepting or signing any contracts with one company over another. Some things to consider is the size of the car you need or want because different sizes and styles of vehicles can at varying costs. Compacts are the cheapest with rates around $19 a day versus full-size SUVs with rates of $50 or more a day. Also, the fuel economy of the vehicle is another consideration when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for you. Mazda Demios average roughly 20 kms per litre of gas and Jeep Grand Cherokees average only 10 kms per litre of gas. Since fuel is your responsibility while in possession of the car, you’ll want to calculate the fuel economy and the size of the gas tank with the current price of petrol to see if you can afford the Jeep or if you should settle for a Demio.

Other factors to investigate are the terms of the agreement and the hidden charges that’s lurking in the fine print of the contract. Some of these fees can be quite costly when you’re unaware of them or if you should happen to accrue additional charges from an accident or other damages to the vehicle. Smokers should be aware that there are cleaning charges that can be attached to your contract should you smoke in the vehicle. Also, know that most companies don’t approve of their vehicles being used for anything than transportation from point A to point B.

You should also look for deals and special offers when it comes to booking your car rental to get the best deal possible by booking more days or by choosing off-peak seasons since the demand is a lot lower than the supply, allowing for more negotiating room for you to haggle a better price.

Auckland Rental Cars

When looking for car rentals in Auckland, there are five convenient locations from a quality company that specialises in the best deals for your rental car needs. At Bargain Rental Cars, you have the convenience of four locations from which to rent your car including North Shore, Central City, Grey Lynn, Panmure, and Onehunga. With rental cars from Bargain, you’ll receive reliable and convenient options to fit your needs while you enjoy your stay in New Zealand. While you’re in Auckland, you can drive your rental car around the area enjoying the sights and attractions on your way to some fun activities. Experience the art and culture one day while experiencing the wildlife the next. With so much to do, you’ll more than get the use out of your rental car.

Wellington Rental Cars

Car rentals in Wellington can be found with Hireace where they thrive on giving you the best deals possible on each model in their fleet. Choose from Corollas to minivans and full-sized trucks. With any one of these vehicles, you’ll find your time in Wellington zooming by as you stay in some luxurious accommodations and eat at some of the nicest restaurants. While you putter around the area touring all the great hot spots, you can rest assured that your rental car is in the best condition and won’t leave you stranded when you need it the most. With GPS services, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or wasting gas as you search for your next activity or place to eat.

Christchurch Rental Cars

Christchurch Airport and CBD are the most convenient locations for car rentals in Christchurch. With strategic locations of these agencies, you’ll get to see some of the prettiest scenery you’ll ever find as you travel from the agency to your hotel or back. Christchurch, also known as the Garden City, is the entrance to the South Island of New Zealand and with it, comes some of the best activities you can find from sports to marine life experiences. All you have to do is plan your day, hop into your rental car, and hit the road to the first place on your list of experiences for the day or the week. Walk, ride, or drive through the streets of Christchurch as you tour the city and all its hidden glories.


When it comes to hiring a car for your next visit to New Zealand, you should definitely look into the bargains you can find with Bargain Rental Cars with their massive fleet of vehicles and their fair pricing, which includes their special offers and rates throughout the year. With each car rental locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, you can assured that you’ll find ways to save yourself money with your rental vehicle if you follow the tips above by keeping in mind the vehicle you choose to the need for insurance and keeping the vehicle in good condition while in your possession. With so many ways to save some money, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time in New Zealand without having to worry about your trip’s budget going over with the booking of your car rental.


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