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check Ride this scooter with your standard full car licence (Overseas licences also accepted)

Scommadi 50cc
Untitled-2 1 person Untitled-5 Auto
  • Max Speed: 50km/h
  • Use: Inner city
  • Engine Displacement: 49.6cc
  • Load capacity: 169kg
  • Starting method: Electric


For your own safety, and the safety of other road users, if you ride a scooter/moped, you must follow the road rules for scooter/moped riders, and you must have the right equipment.

What rules must I follow?

  • You must have a driver licence. This can be any class of New Zealand licence. If you don’t hold a New Zealand licence, you may be able to use an overseas licence. Refer to Factsheet 56, New residents and visitors – driving in New Zealand for more information.
  • You must ride on the road – you can’t ride on the footpath or a cycle path unless you have permission from the road controlling authority to ride on the footpath to deliver mail, newspapers or other printed matter to letterboxes. Keep as far left as you can. You may use bus lanes, as long as there isn’t a sign forbidding this.
  • You must not use your hand-held mobile phone while riding your moped.
  • Your moped must have the right equipment.
  • You must have your headlamps on whenever you are driving your moped. This includes daytime as well as night-time. If fitted, daytime running lamps can be used during the day instead of headlamps. (This requirement applies only to scooter/mopeds manufactured after 1 January 1980.)
  • If you’re riding with other scooter/mopeds, don’t ride more than two abreast. Ride in single file when you’re passing other vehicles, including parked vehicles.
  • If you don’t have direction indicators or stop lamps, use a clear arm signal when you intend to turn and reduce your speed or stop before making the turn.
  • At intersections, you must follow the road rules for motor vehicles, or get off your moped and walk across.
  • You can only carry a passenger if your moped has a pillion seat and footrests for the passenger. A container or seat for an infant must protect their legs from the wheels.
  • You can tow a trailer with your scooter/moped, but you can’t tow any other sort of vehicle. Your scooter/moped can’t be towed by another vehicle.
  • If you carry a load it must be secure and must not touch the ground. It must not extend more than one metre in front of or behind the wheels, or half a metre (50cm) on either side (from the centre of the scooter/moped).

What are the rules for wearing helmets?

It is compulsory for all scooter/moped riders on New Zealand roads to wear motorcycle helmets. Your helmet must:

Check that your helmet is the right size – it should fit snugly on your head with minimum use of pads. If your helmet gets damaged, replace it with a new one.

Please note that if a police officer stops you and asks to inspect your helmet, you must give it to them.

Courtesy on the road

Be considerate of other road users. Where the road is narrow, check that you are not slowing down the traffic flow and let the traffic pass as soon as it’s safe.


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